It's been a long, strange road to Mike recording his first 4 song EP release. Originally intended to be a full, 10 song CD, Mike began writing and laying out tracks for the new project in mid-2018. Four songs in and a date had been set for a long awaited spinal surgery that had kept him off the circuit for the last year. The morning of the surgery, Mike found out it had been postponed because a mass had been found in his left lung during tests for the surgery. It was cancer and a portion of the lung had to be removed. Knowing it was going to be awhile before he was going to be back in the saddle, Mike made the decision to release what he had recorded and go back to writing for a full release in 2020.



  The Cowboy Way is made up of two brand new songs, The Cowboy Way and Set In Stone, one that was previously released on A Mile Of Bad Track (My Everything) that Mike was never completely satisfied with, and one that Mike wrote back in 2002 but hadn't made it to CD yet (Live For Today).



   An all acoustic instrument release, The Cowboy Way goes from rowdy to forlorn. The title track, with a pumping zydeco accordion pushing it along, it a song about a free and easy cowboy doing his best to stay that way. Set in Stone is a song about suicide, written after the death of Mike's ex brother in law. My Everything is the first song Mike wrote for his wife. Never really satisfied with the original recording, Mike decided to recut it for this album with a haunting fiddle. Finally, Live For Today is a long time favorite of Mike's, (and fairly appropriate at the moment) about appreciating what you have right now, because "it won't come around again".





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