1. The Cowboy Way                                                                 
  2. Set In Stone                                                                           
  3. My Everything                                                                     
  4. Live For Today                                                                 


gallery/cowboy way cover small
gallery/texas soul cover600
  1. Texas Soul
  2. Always and Forever
  3. The Man You Made Of Me
  4. A Song For The Cowboy
  5. Keeping Kind
  6. Damned If I Do
  7. She Loved To Dance
  8. A Little Too Late
  9. The Ballad Of Brushy Bill Roberts
  10. The Game
gallery/mile of bad track 560
  1. Greed Is The Devil's Handshake
  2. The Light
  3. Have It All
  4. Barroom Hell
  5. Gave Until It Hurt
  6. Wrong Again
  7. I Just Can't Get Over You
  8. Tail Lights
  9. Old Enough To Know Better
  10. I'm Your Huckleberry
  1. A Mile Of Bad Track
  2. My Everything
  3. Bottle Of Jack
  4. Next Times
  5. Long Road Of Lost Souls
  6. One For The Money
  7. The Best That You Can
  8. Baby I Love You
  9. The Way Of The World
  10. My Baby's Lovin'
  11. Eye Of The Storm
  1. Good For Something After All
  2. Barroom Angel
  3. She Wrote The Book
  4. Almost Forgot To Remember You
  5. When Your Midnight Comes
  6. Honky Tonk Night
  7. Nothing A Heart Won't Do
  8. Whiskey And Tears
  9. Spending My Nights In A Daze
  10. The Optimist Song